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Below are the blurbs to my novels! Enjoy! 

SHADOW HUNTER, the first novel in my paranormal romance series, EXECUTION UNDERGROUND, about an international network of supernatural hunters who fight to protect humanity alongside the powerful women they seduce, debuts with Harlequin's HQN Books in September 2013. Below is my back-cover blurb:

Skinwalker [skin-waw-ker] (n.) – 1. A being capable of assuming the identity of an animal.  2. God of Norse Mythology 3. Shapeshifter

Werewolf hunter Jace McCannon has one loyalty: the Execution Underground, a council of fierce, supernatural hunters sanctioned to protect the greater Rochester area. Despite his half-wolf lineage, Jace devotes himself entirely to his job, and he hates nothing more than the monsters he hunts. But when a search for a sexual sadist turns ugly, Jace finds himself face to face with the Rochester werewolves’ packmaster, and now he’s jonesing for a night with his sworn enemy.

The only alpha female to ever run Rochester’s pack, nothing stops Frankie Amato from protecting her clan, and she’s dead-set on massacring the rogue murdering women in her area. After ascending into leadership following her parents’ brutal murder, Frankie’s eager to prove she can hold her own without the help of any men—until a run-in with a handsome werewolf hunter leaves captive and begging for release.

With a burning attraction and a relationship that moves between one step forward, two steps back, Jace and Frankie work together to end the murders. Their only chance falls on Jace’s shoulders; he needs to embrace his half-werewolf nature and shift for the very first time. But when Jace’s attempts at shifting reveal an unknown bloodline, not a werewolf’s blood at all, this news drums up Frankie’s own dark past, and she’d rather stand on the sidelines than at Jace’s side.

Demon Reincarnate is the first novel in my YA urban fantasy series, The Four Charms, in which a young girl must embrace her reincarnated destiny to help a supernatural hitman stop an impending apocalypse, coming soon. Below is my back-cover blurb:

Finding a hunky, three-hundred-year old demon in your bed isn’t so bad. Stabbing that demon in the gut? Yeah…probably not the best way to make his acquaintance.

Lucky for Katriona McBain, the infamous supernatural hit-man, Demetrius Fall, is interested in more than sucking out her soul—he needs her to assume her role as the reincarnated Queen of the powerful, British Coven.

The only person who can stop an impending apocalypse and end a long waging, demonic war, Katriona is thrown head first into a dark, magical world she thought only existed in her nightmares. Together, she and Demetrius must search the globe for the four bewitched pieces of her royal ancestor’s necklace. Bringing the charms together and harnessing their power is the only chance Katriona has to destroy Narcissa, an evil succubus and leader of the Dark Coven. But as the clock ticks will Katriona uncover the charms in time, or lose something more precious than the war—her humanity?

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