Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day of 100 Follower Challenge/Bday Bash

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the SINGLE MOST FABULOUS day of the year! Do you know why that is? Because today is my birthday! Yay!

Well...maybe it's not the most fabulous day for you, but it is for me ;-)

Today is also the last day of the 100 Follower Challenge! If we reach 100 Followers by midnight tonight, we will have our big giveaway! Woot! Should we reach our goal, I'll be drawing the names of two lucky winners from our participants and those two winners will get to take their pick out of the books in the giveaway vault. One book per winner.

You still have one last chance to tweet, post, or tell all your friends about the blog. Check out the 100 Follower Challenge page for all the details on entering. The more you spread the word, the more entries you receive. But that's not all.

For every ten followers over 100, I'll be giving away another book! Example: if we receive 130 followers, I will give away an additional three books. How awesome is that!

Hurry my busy little blogger bees! Time is running out! As for me, while all of you are busy promoting, I'll be celebrating my bday at the Arabian Nights dinner show in Orlando and enjoying the new Barnes and Noble Nook my fiance gave me. Isn't he sweet?

I firmly believe in your capabilities and I'll be preparing to draw those lucky names at the end of the weekend.

Good luck! ;-D


  1. I didn't see where to post for this.

    I'm a fairly new reader of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

    New follower.


  2. Hi Andrea! Thanks for following! Don't worry, you can post anywhere.

    Oooh! Glad I've acquired a newbie to the genre. Urban fantasy/paranormal has really been the only thing I've read since I was a kid--the books I read always had to have some sort of magical element.

    We're going to have a lot of reviews coming up lately, so hopefully I can give you some good reading material =D

  3. Sept. 11th here, and I'm follower # 99
    Betty - Reflections with Coffee
    bmcbroom AT

  4. Happy Birthday a day late. Hope it was lovely!

  5. Thanks, Martha! It was great. Had a wonderful day with family and close friends =D

  6. Welcome, Betty! Thanks for following!