Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Books for the Holidays

Happy Wednesday, everyone! For all of you on Thanksgiving break, I hope you all are having as relaxing of a time as I am. I'm going to make the posts quick this week, but this is still something really important I'd like to say.

With the economy still rather low, Americans are less likely to spend as much money during the holidays. As a result, many industries are hurting financially. One of those is the publishing industry. Not only are the major houses losing money, but authors are getting paid exceedingly smaller advances and not making a large amount of royalties, and authors are grossly underpaid to begin with.

The point of this post: I would like to encourage everyone to support their local bookstores during this holiday season. Give the gift of a book to your loved ones, family, and friends. A book is a great gift. It's something that has personality--showing you know someone's taste in books, is showing that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes, and it's also something you can bond over.

Here is a post from Romance Writers of America on buying books this season.

Til Friday! Happy Thanksgiving! ;-)


  1. Great sentiments Kaitlyn. Hope you enjoy your holiday :)

  2. BookGirl--Thanks! You too! I'm trying to finish up Twice Dead before break ends so I can review it. That's the second Haven book in Kalayna Price's series, the book that comes after Once Bitten (which I reviewed)