Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog Button!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As you can see from the title of this post and from the side bar, I now have a blog button! Yay!

For non-technologically savvy me, this took me a couple hours. Some of you are probably laughing right now, but hey, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. So please, grab the button and show some blogger love for Nocturnal Readings! I would be so happy if you would.

Now, in light of a disappointing rejection yesterday, I'd like to have a WooHoo Wednesday to remind myself of all the good things in my life, and hopefully, get you thinking about the good things in your life too.

These things make me say Woo hoo! this week:

--My supportive friends, my fiance, and my mom who make me feel better in the face of rejection
--Parajunkee's blogger 101 for showing me how to make the button and a ton of other cool things
--My teaching assistant position, which I'm looking forward to
--My success in keeping up my writing resolutions
--That I am the guest speaker for my local RWA chapter this month, talking about the query process
--That my Rachel Brice bellydance and yoga DVD came in the mail
--That I'm drowning in an awesome amount of books to read

So how about it, what makes you want to yell Woo Hoo! this week? Don't forget about the 250 Follower Giveaway. I will be posting an update on the contest on Friday, which you won't want to miss. Til then ;-)


  1. Congrats on the new button - very pretty :)
    Sounds like you have some good things to look forward to in 2011 with the ta position and the speaking engagement. How nice that you have such a supportive mom.

  2. Sorry I didn't get back to your text yesterday. That rejection does suck...but you still made a great connection there that she'll remember. Also, just because she doesn't want this MS, doesn't mean she might not want another. Keep writing, keep plugging along, and you'll get there. We all will...

    And I love your button! :)

  3. BookGirl--Thanks! I'm glad you like the button. It took me a very very long time. I'm proud of it. And I am definitely looking forward to all those things. Yes, my mom is really supportive.

    Kristin--It's alright, it was pretty late in the evening. Yeah, the connection was worth it, but the rejection does really really suck. Considering that I was kind of counting this as something secondary, I think you know what I mean, the rejection stings a lot, like I'm not even good enough for 'that.' I will keep going with my other manuscripts, but I don't know what to do with TFC. It's gotten rejected so many times that I don't know if it's worth it to keep sending it out. You'll have to let me know what you think. And thanks, I like the button too =)