Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on Giveaway

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope all of you had a great weekend! I'm glad my weekend of work is over, though I can't say I'm happy that school starts back up this Wednesday. With all my grad school applications needing to be completed and now submissions to prepare (the revision for the editor, plus an agent requested a partial, yay!) I've got a lot to do. Despite all that, I have a really cool announcement!

I am changing the 250 Follower Giveaway. Rather than having a deadline for the follower count hitting 250 (the original end date was this Wednesday, which we obviously weren't prepared for) and only giving away the originally designated prizes if we hit that number. We're going to have a tier contest giveaway!

This means that for each "tier" or benchmark we hit in the followers, the more the prizes go up. Basically, the more followers, the more prizes. For every 25 followers, I will add AT LEAST one more book to the drawing, therefore creating chances for multiple winners. Does that sound like a good deal or what?

The new contest end-date will be February 10th and we will have at least one book to giveaway, even if no followers are gained. But the more people recruited, the more prizes.

To enter, please leave your name (or screenname) and email address in the comments. If you don't feel comfortable posting your email in the comments, you can always shoot me an email including your entry to

Also, for those of you who already entered, don't worry. I have your entries and you don't need to enter again. So good luck to all of you! Here's to hoping there are lots of prizes to give away. Til Wednesday ;-)

P.S If you haven't done so lately, take a look around the blog. There are some nifty new gadgets. For example, my awesome new blog button and the list of upcoming reviews in the sidebar. We're going to have a new review every Friday!


  1. Hi Kaitlyn

    Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate in the near future. Love the new additions to the blog, including the listing of upcoming reviews :)

  2. BookGirl--Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I've definitely got a lot of things to do lol. Today and tomorrow are my last two days of break. In that time, I need to do all those edits, write two graduate entrance essays, and finish up reading Frost Moon to review on Friday. Busy busy! Honestly, I like it that way though. I hate when I don't have anything to do haha. Glad you like the changes! =D

  3. Hey, this giveaway looks great!
    Philip -