Monday, February 14, 2011

Romance Couples and Sexy Scenes

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! As a romance writer, in honor of this day (and month) where romance novels increase their annual sales (yes, sales of romance novels do increase around this time of year), I thought it would be interesting to talk about fictional romance couples.

Any romance reader has them--your all time favorite romantic couples--the ones you fawn over time and time again, no matter how much you've re-read the novel. There is something about getting an intimate, sneak peek into the roller-coaster of characters' relationships that drive us crazy. These character's become a part of us. I'm talking about the kind of character's that after you read their romance, you toss and turn in bed all night, thinking about all the subtle nuances and wishing you could be her or him.

And what about your favorite sex scenes? All you romance readers need to stop kidding yourselves, you know you have one. The one scene you wish you could recreate with your significant other. One that makes you blush when you read the novel in public, or the one that makes you sigh and grin at a book like a mad person.

For me, these things come to mind straight away. My all time romantic couple, the one that I cannot possibly get enough of is:

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman from Charlainne Harris' Southern Vampire Series. Long before Trueblood was even thought of, I was cheering them on, hoping they would get together and that  homewrecker, Bill, would get kicked to the curb. Good riddance, Bill Compton!
My favorite sex scene for these two comes about in
book four, when Eric has lost his memory. I sigh and get a huge giddy smile on my face every time I read their first love scene, and the ending of the novel (I won't give it away for you fuddy duddies who haven't read it) rips my heart out every time. In fact, every time Harris' has ever written about Sookie and Eric together has been complete and utter perfection, in my opinion. I just can't get enough of this couple! Unless of course, I could kick Anna Paquin out of this picture and claim Alexander Skarsgard to play my own personal Eric! Lol! Novels or T.V show, either way, I LOVE these two characters together.

So how about you, romance readers? Who is your all time favorite fictional couple and your all time favorite love scene? Please weigh in with your favorites in the comments.

Have a happy Valentine's day! And for those of you who don't have a significant other to cuddle up with, why not snuggle in with your favorite romance couple to wash those woes away? Or of course, you could always enter our Pleasures Untold Giveaway where you can win copies of both of Lisa Sanchez's paranormal romance novels, Pleasures Untold and Eve of Samhain. Til Wednesday!

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