Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woohoo Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you all have had a great week! I have a lot of things to yell Woo Hoo about! So I thought a Woo Hoo Wednesday would be appropriate.

This week I want to yell Woo Hoo because I'm thankful for:

--My acceptance into grad school! That's right, I am officially accepted into Spalding University's Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program in the genres of YA fiction and general fiction! How exciting! My scores in YA were also so high that Spalding offered me a scholarship! How amazing is that?! I don't know whether I'm going there or not--it depends on what the other schools say--but definitely something to scream WOO HOO for.
--My fiance and I have officially started planning our wedding. It is tentatively set for early October. Our family and friends are all going on a Carnival cruise and we're getting married on the beach in the Bahamas!
--My great family and friends who are so supportive of me in everything I do.
--My professors, Mark Powell and Lori Snook, who wrote my letters of rec for Spalding.
--My RWA articles being reprinted in more than 5 other chapters newsletters--including two chapters in Canada!
--My new work study job in the Stetson library that is supplementing the income I lost from my hours being cut at my outside-school job.
--And last, but not least, my loving dog Sookie. She is the best furred friend a girl could ask for. I love her dearly and her non-stop adoration and love keep me going when I start to feel down.

On Friday I have a very cool announcement to make, so make sure you check back in. I apologize for deviating from my usual post schedule--things have been hectic around here, in a good way. But I promise I will try and be back on track starting now. Til Friday ;-)


  1. So much great news! I'm happy for you! My wedding anniversary is October 5 and it is a wonderful time of year to get married--although, I imagine that's true all year round in the Bahamas! Wow! Spalding is offering you a very attractive package--what a wonderful way to start your grad school hunt! Can. Not. Wait. Til. Friday. For. Whatever. Else. You. Have. To. Announce.! :-)

  2. Laura--Thanks! I'm really excited about all of it. The cruise wedding is a surprisingly good package deal. Carnival cruises are pretty inexpensive to begin with and then it helps to get the discounted group rate. Honestly, I think we might spend the same, if not more, if we were to just get married here in town. I'm really looking forward to going to the Bahamas. I've never been there before, but I've heard it's gorgeous from everyone who has ever been there. Yes, Spalding is definitely giving me a fantastic offer! When I first started applying, they were my first choice school, but during the process I found a few others that I really liked as well. My professor, Mark Powell, is really rooting for me to go to Spalding though. He has a friend who teaches there and says it's an excellent program--which is great to hear! Lol! Friday's news isn't as major of a deal as grad school or the wedding, but it's cool news for the blog. I'm excited to announce it =)

  3. Woohoo! for everything! :D
    Congrats again for Spalding - it sounds so wonderful! :) Whichever school you choose, I'm sure you'll do awesome.

    And YAY! about wedding planning! So exciting! :D

  4. Britt--Thanks! Spalding really does seem like a great school, so I'm very proud that they want me to join their program so much. It was very validating to hear that TFC had "excellent, high scores" from the MFA professors judging it for admission. It makes me feel like all my work on that manuscript hasn't been in vain. Btw, about the cruise, obviously you are invited to come along. The price is going to be around $300 dollars, which includes your cruise room fee and all your meals (food and drink) while you're on the ship. The only other costs would be any food, drink, or souvenirs bought while we're on the islands, but the majority of the time we're on the ship. From what we can tell, Carnival doesn't allow passengers to bring professional cameras on the ship and any professional pictures done of the wedding has to be done with their ship photographers. However, if you can afford to come, you can still bring a normal camera and take as many pictures as you want. =) I understand that a lot of our friends won't be able to make it because of the cost, but if you can manage to save that up before October, we'd love you have to come. =)

  5. Britt--We'll also be sending out invites soon, using the pictures you took for us before =)

  6. Of course your work hasn't been done in vain, silly! I'm telling you, TFC is getting pretty amazing! One of these days...! ;D

    And I'll have to see if I can or not. I'd really love to go, it all really depends on a few big things. I'll try to come!
    Aww, I'm glad you could use them. :)

  7. Thank you! I sure hope that one of these days is soon lol. I want Rebecca Strauss to say yes. Super badly! Lol.

    I will give you more details on the cruise asap. Left you a little message on FB.