Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Market News for the Week

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you're having a great week! Today we have some market news! Here's what's going on in the publishing industry:

Amazon has announced the release of the $199 Kindle Fire Tablet, taking aim at Apple. The device, a souped-up version of the Kindle electronic-book reader, will run on Google Inc.’s Android software. Amazon also introduced a touch-screen version of its e-reader called Kindle Touch. The company is looking to pose a really challenge to the Apple IPad. While the Kindle Fire beats the IPad in access to media content, unlike the IPad is doesn't have a camera, microphone or a connection to a 3G wireless network. The i-Pad also sports a larger screen and video chat. For more information about Amazon's Tablet ventures, click the following link: Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire.

In other Amazon news, booksellers and publishers are concerned that Amazon is creating a monopoly on the publishing industry. Booksellers and publishers are being cut out of the chain. But some authors who have signed with Amazon Publishing say the company offered them a better, fairer deal than traditional publishers.
Amazon also boasts the ability to release titles earlier and price books cheaper. For more information on Amazon's cornering the market, click the following link: Amazon's Rising Monopoly on Publishing

More news is that Lulu has partnered with Barnes and Noble to sell their ebooks. Lulu customers will find it easier than ever before to make and distribute their eBooks through the Barnes & Noble Nook Store. Lulu got its start in 2002 as a POD self-pub service, and with the rise of eBooks it's expanded into both selling and distributing Epub. For more information on the partnership, click the following link: Lulu and B&N partner to sell ebooks.

Were you a loyal Border's customer, a bankruptcy judge just approved Borders releasing their previous customer's private information to Barnes and Noble. B&N won the majority of Border's intellectual property auction earlier in the year. For more information, click the following link: Border's Sells Private Info to B&N.

In even MORE Amazon news, booksellers have begun discussing whether Kindle's new venture into library lend-able ebooks is beneficial to local libraries. Libraries are concerned this is going to make their books exclusive to those who own Kindles and phase out regular non-Kindle readers. For more information, click the link: Kindle's Lend-able a Good Thing?

HarperCollins has announced a partnership with Expresso Book Machines to offer their current and backlist books available in print within minutes. The Expresso Book Machines boast an impressive print-on-demand service on site, which means with the touch of a button a backlist or current book can be printed, bound and put into mass market paperback quality within minutes. For more information on this awesome creation, click the following link: HarperCollins' Books Available on Expresso Book Machines.

Finally, Kelli Martin is now senior acquisitions editor at Amazon Publishing’s Montlake Romance. Martin previously worked as a senior editor at Harlequin.

Barbara Scott has joined WordServe Literary Group as an agent. Scott previously worked as a senior acquisitions editor at Abingdon Press.

That's all the market news for this week! Til Friday ;-)

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