Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GUEST POST: Writer in Waiting

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you had a great memorial day and that your week is going just as well. Today we have a post from our special guest, Jenny Lee Sulpizio, children's book author of Mommy Whispers and There's Just Something About A Boy! Jenny's talking about being a writer in waiting. Enjoy her fun post below and make sure you leave her some great comments!

-Kaitlyn Ballenger


Waiting.  I’m definitely not a fan of it and when I hear the phrase, “patience is a virtue,” I can’t help but sigh and nod my head in agreement. Patience is definitely a virtue and one I struggle to possess.

So when I decided I was going to pursue a writing career in order to finally get all of the ideas, plots, and thoughts out of my head and on to paper, my battle with the waiting game began. So did my anxiety, my fidgeting, and my frustration too.

You see, in the publishing world, nothing moves fast. In fact, everything tends to move at a snail’s pace. It takes a long time to write a manuscript, secure an agent, sell your book, make revisions, and ultimately publish it. We’re talking years here. Yep, it can literally takes years to get your book into the hands of your readers…and for some it may even take decades.

Gosh, that sounds a bit depressing, doesn’t it?

But before you head off to the therapist, please read on.

There’s also another saying I know of that goes a little something like this: “Good things come to those who wait…and work hard.” And, you know what? I’m a firm believer in this too. Let’s face it: the publishing realm (in general) is filled with a lot of rejection.  It’s tough to deal with at times, and even harder to persevere through. I mean, it’s not supposed to be easy, or everyone (and quite possibly their moms too), would be writers. Just as a professional athlete hones his craft, practices countless hours per day, and invests in his career with a lot of time and determination, the writer must also do the same. The author in you must continue to work diligently on your stories, and repeatedly strive to perfect your craft.  This takes time. Lots of time. And yes, a lot of waiting too.

So, where are you in your path to publication? Just getting started? A seasoned querier? Agented author? Or an esteemed, published novelist?  Wherever you might be in this fascinating journey, it’s safe to say that you will (or already have) endured a fair bit of waiting-a practice that we all know requires a ton of that age-old virtue, “patience.”  I’ll admit, it’s not easy-especially for this uber-impatient gal, but by focusing on new projects/blogs/articles, continually working hard, relying on my network of support, and taking it all in stride, I’m able to deal. 

And when I’m really struggling? Well, I have the immortal (and VERY redundant) lyrics of the great “philosopher,” Axl Rose to help see me through and tolerate the time I spend in the waiting game. Feel free to sing along:

Little patience, mmm yeah, mm yeah
Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah
Could use some patience, yeah
Gotta have some patience, yeah
All it takes is patience
Just a little patience
Is all you need


Jenny Lee Sulpizio
Writer in Waiting

Jenny Lee Sulpizio is an author, wife, and Christian mom of three very active kiddos. She adores writing and enjoys doing anything even remotely creative with her free time. She is a member of SWCBI and is currently represented by the Seymour Agency for her Women's Christian Non-fiction works-in-progress.

When she isn't writing books, Jenny is usually blogging about her life as a mom and her attempts to raise her children right (as in respectful, manner-possessing little tikes). But through all of the ups and downs of motherhood, come plenty of stories, advice, and comic relief that all moms can relate to, benefit from, and definitely appreciate.

To learn more about Jenny, her blog, or her books, be sure to stop by and visit her website and drop a line (or two). She'd love to hear from you.

Find Jenny at:

Thanks so much for joining us, Jenny! Check back on Friday for our regular blog hop. Until then ;-)


  1. I'll now have Axl Rose in my head for the rest of the day. ;-) But the advice is solid and I love the inspirational message you've provided for aspiring authors. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Nicole and so glad I could leave you with the resounding voice of Sir Axl Rose. LOL.

  3. Nothing wrong with a little Axl Rose lol ;-)

    Love this post, Jenny! It's SO true. Like you, I struggle with patience and often fail at it lol. Publishing is definitely a "hurry up and wait" game--one that I'm STILL trying to get used to. Great post.

  4. So appreciate this post! Thanks, ladies! :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Melody! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    2. I second that statement =) Thanks for stopping by Melody!

  5. Jenny, I struggle with patience too. I've become addicted to reaching the "next step" in the publication process--the deal, the contract, the cover reveal--and when things get stagnant, I get antsy. Then I have to mentally slap myself and get back to work. ;)

    1. Melissa, how can one NOT get addicted to their cover reveal? That would never get old! I get giddy even thinking about mine and I'm still just a writer in waiting. :) Each of the steps you are referring to are definitely the "icing on the cake," of this business, and steps we all set out to realize in our own path to publication. I could see myself falling into the same trap, so don't slap yourself too hard, girl...but definitely get back to work and keep cranking out the awesomeness. :)

      P.S. Cannot wait to see the cover for "Alienated!" Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I am totally addicted to the process too. I need to stop being addicted to publishing and become addicted to writing again. I feel your pain, Mel.

  6. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and comment on Jenny's post! And another big thanks to Jenny for agreeing to be our guest!

  7. Jenny is my girl! Thanks for featuring her, Kaitlyn! Keep up the good work, ladies

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Love having Jenny's supporters here for a visit. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Lauren is quite fabulous, isn't she? Thanks for the visit, girl! :)