Friday, August 6, 2010

First and second and third, oh my!

Calling all Goodreads members! If you know how to post blog updates on Goodreads, please let me know! I'm desperately trying to operate all the possible social media sites I can. Now onto the post!

Happy Friday! I'm sure a good many of you are celebrating the fact that tomorrow begins your weekend freedom. Unfortunately for me, tomorrow begins my work week, but such is life. Since I'll be working the weekend, as usual, today is my last day of the week to get something accomplished.

Last night, I was doing just that: editing. But my editing process got me thinking about different types of POV (aka point of view).

As someone who has written novels in both first person, which uses the 'I' pronoun, and third person, which uses he/she/it, I really have no bias or preference between the two. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. I find that in first person POV, I identify with the characters more, and not just the narrator. However, in third person, I find myself more plot focused and I care more about the world in which the characters are operating.

So, I'd like to hear from all of you: which POV do you prefer, first or third person? Or is there anyone out there who has enjoyed the rare second person method? I'd like to hear some opinions and get a discussion going. Let's get chatting!

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