Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five Tips

Hello everyone! Today's post will be quick and painless--though I apologize for the short posts as of late. Please bear with me as I try to merge my blogging time into my new school schedule. Now onto the post!

Since I'm unable to be at my monthly RWA meeting, where we're talking about Nationals, in order to share some wisdom with those unable to attend I wrote up these five beginners conference facts. As many of you followers are either writers or RWA members, I figured I would share it with you. This could apply to any major conference, but the references for all intensive purposes are for RWA Nationals.

Here they are!

1. Always be fifteen minutes early for your agent/editor appointments. They only suggest it on the paperwork but what they actually are trying to say is 'be there 15 minutes early or we'll give your spot away'

2. Be nice to everyone you meet. The woman next to you on the shuttle might be a big time publisher, or the man by you at the bar may be Donald Maass. You never know.

3. Always be ready to give your pitch. Do NOT pitch unless someone asks to hear it, but be prepared. Agents and editors come to conferences wanting to find new authors, so it's likely they'll ask if you happen to have a conversation with them.

4. You will be very left out if you don't have any business cards. Make sure you have some.

5. Last but not least, pace yourself. You will have a better conference experience if you don't tire yourself out by overdoing it.

Til Monday! Have a great weekend everyone! And don't forget about the 100 Follower Challenge!!!