Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School/ Update: 100 Follower Challenge

Phew! I have been rushing around all day doing things for school. Already I'm charged with coming up with an interesting idea for my creative writing courses, which usually wouldn't be a problem for me. However, since professors tend to favor literary fiction rather than genre fiction (what I write), I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Apparently, my particular professor says he doesn't mind genre fiction as long as it strives for a literary quality. He specifically mentioned something he read of mine last semester and said that's already what I'm doing, which definitely shocked me. But...and I'm talking a MAJOR but....what I wrote last semester is nothing like what I usually write. Yes, it is still my style (I mean, I wrote it obviously lol) since it contains paranormal elements, but usually my writing is very commercial in quality.

So once again, I must come up with a mind-blowing idea that will knock the socks off all my classmates and wow my professor with it's pure genius. Am I exaggerating? You bet. But that's how it feels to me lol.

Anyways, onto the important stuff. The 100 Follower Challenge has been updated so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the page for the rules and get busy working your behinds off to get those 100 Followers.

That is all ;-) Til Friday!

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