Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Submission Requests!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I'm going to make this post short and sweet, since I've been quite the busy bee. Here is what's been plaguing me:

The fall semester starts this next Wednesday and I so don't feel prepared. I've been reading The Aeneid of Virgil by Dante as a pre-assignment for a course. Well let me just say, if I were reviewing this book for the blog, it would be a DNF for sure! Unfortunately, I have to finish it or watch my grade suffer before the class even begins.

But enough with the school stuff, what's really been keeping me on my toes is all the submission requests I've been receiving lately! I couldn't be happier, but I also couldn't be more worried.

As of current, I have six requested partials and four requested fulls for Demon Reincarnate. I also currently have two full requests for Bad to the Bone, even though it isn't finished! (Don't worry, the agent's knew that when they requested it. I'm not breaking that age old rule).

So if you're reading this Mr. or Ms. Agent, don't fret! I didn't send sooner because I'm preparing a bazillion requests. Though you're in luck, because as of today, I am finally mailing out all the submissions!

For you readers, I guess what this post is all about is me begging you to keep me in your prayers! Perhaps my agent quest will get suddenly interesting! *Crosses fingers and prays for a representation war* Also...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget about the 100 Follower Challenge! It ends on the 17th, guys and you're running out of time! You better bump up those follower numbers, if you want a chance at some FREE and SIGNED author books. If you haven't checked out the giveaway vault, I suggest you do so. Maybe that will motivate you.

Til Friday! ;-)


  1. Congrats on all the requests--that's awesome!

  2. I just followed and shared on twitter.. I couldnt see where to post a comment under the giveaway post?

  3. Don't worry, jules. Just as long as you comment somewhere, so you're already in. Thanks for the RT! =D