Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So I know it seems kind of odd for a Tuesday post to be titled "Just Another Manic Monday" but give me some time to explain myself.

The reason I didn't post yesterday was because it was one long heck of a day for me. I don't know whether it's because Monday is the start of the week, or maybe because my hardest class is on Monday nights, or maybe because I always think Monday will be bad, but something about Mondays really irks me. Every time Sunday night roles around and I'm heading to bed, I groan at the thought that the next day will be Monday, and to be honest, my thought is always somewhat similar to "tomorrow is going to suck."

The other days of the week usually bring me no major problems. Tuesday is fine. Wednesday is better. Thursday is even better. Friday is wonderful, and Saturday and Sunday are pretty good too. But if something really horrible is going to happen in my day, it's almost always on a Monday.

For example, yesterday on the way to Stetson, I managed to get a speeding ticket. 'Well, Kaiti, why were you speeding' you might ask. Well, I happened to get caught in a speed trap. The stupid motorcycle cop hid himself between some trees right past the sign where the speed limit slows from 45 to 35, so as I'm putting on my breaks to slow down, he runs out in front of me in mid-traffic, causing me to slam on the breaks and nearly get by the car behind me, just so asshole can make his monthly ticket quota by making me and two other cars simultaneously pull over. I have nothing wrong with cops--most of them are great people who are working hard to protect us. But I DO have a problem if you try to set me up to 'break the law.'

Did asshole write me a speeding ticket? No, because I've never had a ticket or even a warning before in my life, so he only wrote me a warning for the 'speeding'. But he did write me a big fat ticket for 160 bucks because I didn't "update" the address on my license from my parent's address to my current one. Seriously? All my school paperwork and even my work forms have my parent's address, only my mail gets sent here. Hence, I am taking the ticket in and seeing if I can contest it, because even though I physically live here with David, all paperwork states otherwise.

As you can see, something bad usually happens on Mondays. So my question today for you is this:

Is there a particular day of the week that always seems to go wrong for you? Do bad things really come in threes or is it our perception. Food for thought.

Until tomorrow! ;-)

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