Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When's the write time?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! =D Though I have to admit, I'm giving all of you a long sigh today *sssiigggghhh*

Once again the 100 Follower Challenge winners have failed to notify me. Therefore, the winners do not receive their prize. Since this is the third time I'll have drawn new winners, if no one claims the prizes this time then the giveaway will simply have no winners. I can't keep drawing names every week. Honestly, it makes me very sad that no one has responded. The whole reason I have the winners notify me is so I can see if they're actually reading my blog or whether they're just another number on the follower list. Only my real followers deserve prizes.

So for the final time, the winners of the 100 Follower Challenge are........*drum roll*........................................*drum roll*.......................Candyland and KellyDexter!

Congrats, ladies! Please contact me by next Wednesday, October 6th to claim your prize. Send me an email at and write "100 Follower Challenge Winner" in the subject line. In the email please let me know which book you would like from the giveaway vault and list the address you would like it mailed to--the books are given out on a first come first serve basis.

Now onto the post!

I have had NO TIME to write lately. As of today it will have been three weeks since I've been able to get a single word down--on my current W.I.P that is, I wrote 3000 words for a short story class, but that doesn't count. Let me tell you, the thought that I'm not getting anything done is driving me nuts! I want to write, but I just cannot fine the time while maintaining all my homework/work and still holding on to my sanity.

Then I got to thinking: 'I can't be the only writer who is this busy,' which led me to the question: when is the right time for me to write? Or as our title states, when is the write time? For those of you who are super busy, how do you find time to fit writing into your hectic life?

For example, I have a professor who wakes up at 5am every morning and sacrifices some sleep, so she can write before anyone in her household wakes up--that's not happening, so don't even suggest I do that lol. But you get my point. I've heard of others writing on their laptop while cooking or cleaning, etc.

So what technique do you use that might aid me or others in finding the write time? Do you never watch T.V and kick back--so writing takes up all your free time? Do you write while you do laundry? Do you carry your laptop to the doctor's office? I'd like to hear your methods. Who knows, maybe one of you will inspire me and others to do the same.

Til Friday! ;-)


  1. I've got a job in a call center, so there's down time, and waiting for computers to reboot, and hold time. I write at work. Just unfold my little notebook, and scrawl as much as I can on whatever I'm working on.

    I also write while I watch TV. Kind of an ADHD habit I've picked up from my roommate, but I can rarely do one thing at a time. TV fills in the background, and it helps distract my mind while I edit or transcribe.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Raven. =) I do have a little notebook that I take with me places, but I feel like I hardly ever get time to write in it. Maybe I should try to be more conscious of when I should pull it out lol.

    Don't know if I could write while watching T.V. I get too absorbed in the shows. Maybe if it were a re-run or something though, but I don't ever watch re-runs lol. Either way, both interesting suggestions.

  3. Probably helps that I only watch a couple tv shows.

    I've found the notebook to also be a great conversation starter. People ask what you're doing, you tell them you're a writer, and it goes from there.

  4. Lol! The conversation part might work against me haha.

  5. The only real "writing" I do lately is for my blog...I tend to do that writing late in the day when I am looking to keep myself from giving it to the 4 pm snack attacks!
    I also write early in the morning because that's when I'm most alert...can't write with the tv or radio on...

  6. I usually do my blog writing right before I go to bed, so they're up first thing the next morning. There are other times when I write in the afternoon though. I listen to music to get me into the writing 'mood' but I can't listen to it while I'm actually writing or paraphrased lines of the lyrics somehow work themselves in there lol.