Thursday, October 21, 2010

Author Page!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Forgive me for not posting on Wednesday. You'll be happy to hear that I didn't post, because I was busy writing and editing! Actually, I wasn't working on my current W.I.P. I had a short story to work on for my fiction workshop class outside of my usual genre--it had to be perfected. But nevertheless, I have good news!

I have finally created an author page on Facebook! Yes, I know, I'm not a published author, but why not build a fan base now? Why should you care, you ask. Well, my loyal followers, you can now add my author page to your FB friends and receive updates about current posts on the blog, info on other authors, and breaking news in the publishing industry.

Check it out right: HERE

Please add me to your friends. This is a great way for me to reach all of you and I'd really love if you came on by. =D

In other news, our upcoming review will finally be posted tomorrow along with our usual Follow Friday post! Yay! Since I was such a bad bad blogger and didn't post the review on Monday, like I said I would, I decided I will give you a hint as to what I'm reviewing.

If you check out the right side bar, you will see there is now an update of what I'm currently reading (it changes the picture every ten seconds or so). It is one of those three, but make sure you check back tomorrow to find out and read the awesome review.

Til tomorrow! Ta-ta for now ;-)


  1. Thanks! =D If you have a FB page, feel free to friend me. I'd love to get a good following on there so I can post blog updates and more.

  2. Stopping by from the follow.

    Good Luck on your journey. The blurb sounds great!

    Black Disaster Fairy

  3. Stopping by from FF. I'm looking forward to reading your posts. New follower!

  4. Black Disaster Fairy--Thanks for stopping by! Do you mean the blurb for Demon Reincarnate? Whatever you mean, thank you! lol

    Preternatural- Thanks for stopping in! Hope you stop in again! =D

  5. Stopping by from the follow. I also added you on my facebook :) and I'm a new follower.

  6. New follower just hopping by. I guess I'm too early for your review and Friday post. =) I'll be back!

  7. Ragan--Thanks for stopping by! No worries, I usually post about mid-day and last night I didn't have time to throw up the follow friday buttons because I had work. But they'll be in today's post.

  8. Hi there! Found you through the Follow Friday and thought I'd say hello :)

  9. Hi, Happysoul! Thanks for stopping by! =D

  10. Nice idea, setting up your author page. A great step forward and motivation for yourself. I think I'll probably wait until I've actually finished a full draft of a book before I go ahead and set up one of my own. It's a process, right?