Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Market News for the Week

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope your week is going well. Today we've got some of the market news for the week!

In agent news, writers might be interested to know that Joe Veltre, head agent of the Veltre Company, is moving to the Gersh Agency, where according to RWA, he will lead Gersh's book department. He will continue to sell to publishers.

What do this mean for his clients and those who currently have submissions with him? Honestly, no one really knows. It's also not very good news for anyone who was looking to query him. The Gersh Agency doesn't accept unsolicited queries, so whether Mr. Veltre will continue to allow unsolicited submissions is unknown.

In other news, Nora Roberts is the third author to have sold over 1 million books on Kindle--for both her Nora Robert's novel and her novels under her pseudonym J.D Robb. A big feat for romance writers. The only other to author's to have joined this 1 million club are authors Stieg Larson and James Patterson. To find out more, you can go to by clicking the link HERE.

Even more news in the world of ebooks. Bookstores posted their sales for the first time since last January, and as of November 5.3% It appears that Black Friday did some good for both chain and independent bookstores. You can find more information HERE.

The holidays treated Barnes and Noble well. According to a recent Yahoo! article B&N shares rose 9.7% thanks to the popularity of the Nook ereader. Barnes and Nobles stands to claim even more market share with the decline of Borders. It was announced earlier this month that Borders had to delay it's payments to it's suppliers. The New York Times reported that Ingram Booksellers, the industry's largest book supplier and warehouse, will still be shipping books to Borders and the two companies are working out a payment plan. You can find more information HERE.

In other interesting news, a UK opinion article states that any book sold is a positive gain and that ebooks are just as good for the market. He also has some interesting views on commercial fiction and the snobby "literary" writers who put it down all the time. However, I can't say I agree with him that the ereader is the new "brown paper bag" for romance readers, which is why that's the largest selling emarket. Romance is the largest selling emarket, because it's readers are loyal and generally read novels at a faster rate and are more prolific buyers than those of other genres. Take a look HERE.

That's all for today. Don't forget to get in those entries for the Tier Giveaway. We've had very few people enter so far. I will have the giveaway no matter what--I won't cheat those few who bothered to enter out of the possibility of a prize. But the more entries and followers go up, the more I will give away. So don't forget to enter! Check back in on Friday for a review of Maggie Stiefvater's young adult, paranormal romance novel, Shiver. Til then! ;-)

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