Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: Frost Moon by Anthony Francis

Happy Sunday, everyone! Before I hurry into the scheduled review, I'd like to take a moment to wish my good friend and critique partner, Lisa Sanchez, a belated happy birthday! Stop on over at her blog Cali Cheer Mom to say hi, and make sure you check out my review of her debut novel, Eve of Samhain. The second book in the series, Pleasures Untold, will be released soon! Now onto the review of Anthony Francis' debut, urban fantasy novel, Frost Moon.

Synopsis: "In an alternate Atlanta where magic is practiced openly, where witches sip coffee at local cafes, shapeshifters party at urban clubs, vampires rule the southern night like gangsters, and mysterious creatures command dark caverns beneath the city, Dakota Frost's talents are coveted by all. She's the best magical tattooist in the southeast, a Skindancer, able to bring her amazing tats to life. When a serial killer begins stalking Atlanta's tattooed elite, the police and the Feds seek Dakota's help. Can she find the killer on the dark fringe of the city's Edgeworld? Among its powerful outcasts and tortured loners, what kind of enemies and allies will she attract? Will they see her as an invader, as a seducer, as an unexpected champion ... or as delicious prey?"

Genre: Urban fantasy--adult

First Sentence: This book, in a way has two first sentences. There is a sample page at the beginning of the book, before the story actually starts that could easily be mistaken for the story's opening (like I did.)

The first sentence from the sample is: " 'There is more to magical tattoos than just show,' I said loudly, letting the glowing ball rise slowly over the designs inked in my palms, then jabbing it so it exploded in a thousand fiery sparks that jetted out among the crowd of vampires and shifters, pushing them back a full yard from the edge of the pit.' "

That is a LONG first sentence. If I hadn't already downloaded this onto my Nook and I was just glancing at it in a bookstore, I would have set it down right then. The sentence isn't overly intriguing other than the obvious 'hooks' of magical tats, vamps, and shifters, but no real plot or voice that draws me in.

However, the actual first sentence of the book is definitely more appealing. It's interesting, says a lot about the character, and has a lot of voice. It's much better and would make me keep reading. The real first sentence is:

"I first started wearing a Mohawk to repel low-lifes--barflies, vampires, Republicans, and so on--but when I found my true profession my hairstyle turned into an ad."

I didn't like the sample, since I thought it was the beginning by mistake. My only beef, if you could really call it that, is that I just couldn't get into the book. After reading the first twenty pages, I tried to continue reading, but I couldn't force myself to keep flipping the pages. The writing style just wasn't my thing.

DNF--Did Not Finish

Recommendation and General Comments:
The first page or so of the book had me interested, but after that point, the strong voice and the main character's tough girl appeal fell flat for me. However, someone else may enjoy the writing style, even though it wasn't my cup of tea. For that reason, I give Anthony Francis' novel, Frost Moon, a rating of Eclipse, otherwise known as DNF.

It is hard for me to properly review this book since I was unable to finish it. It's not my thing, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but like I said before, someone else might really enjoy the style.

Would I aspire to write like this author? 
No. The writing style didn't appeal to me.

I apologize for this review not being posted on Friday, like it was supposed to. Since I couldn't get into the book, I gave it a day or two to re-pick it up and try again, but it still didn't work for me.

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  1. I'm currently reading this book as a trade paperback and while I'm not flying through it, I'm enjoying the Atlanta setting.

  2. pussreboots--Glad you're enjoying it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into it. Between reading things to review for the blog, reading all my school books, and reading my critique partner's novels for edits, I just don't have enough time to read a book unless it's really appealing to me. When my schedule clears, I might give it another chance. Hope you continue to enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks, BookGirl. I try to be as honest as I can.