Monday, July 18, 2011

Market for News for the Week

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! Today we have a little market news. Here's what going on in the publishing world this week.

Google has announced that along with their ebook program they will also be launching their own e-reading device, the Story HD. Google has partnered with a Korean electronics manufacturer, iriver, to produce the Story HD, which became available this past Friday (7/17/11). The Story HD is an e-ink device with WiFi connectivity. It will be priced at $140 dollars and will be sold exclusively through Target stores. For more information on Google ebooks and the release of the Story HD, click the following link: Google Release Story HD

In other news, Amazon has purchased U.K e-retailed The Book Depository. The company has expanded it's international reach by signing to an agreement to acquire the fast growing retailer. The Book Depository offers over 6 million titles and sells to more than 100 different countries. The deal will be complete at the end of August. For more details on Amazon's expansion, click the following link: Amazon Purchases U.K E-Retailer

Relationship counselor, Susan Quilliam, in a British academic journal suggested recently that romance fiction breeds unrealistic hopes and encourages promiscuous sexual behavior among women. In response to Qulliam's assertions, romance authors and readers have been voicing there own opinions. To hear more about Qulliam's unfounded, non-academic claims and what major romance authors, such as Meg Cabot and Nora Roberts have to say in response, clicking the following link: Relationship Specialist Attacks Romance Genre with Unsupported Claims and Readers' Response to Romance Genre Insults

So what do you all think of Susan Quilliam's claims? Do you think romance novels promote unhealthy relationships and unsafe sex? Or do you agree with writers like Nora Roberts and Meg Cabot? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Also, hope you enjoyed that classic Fabio picture, the king of male romance cover models.

Til Wednesday ;-)


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