Monday, January 16, 2012

An Irresistibly Sweet Blog

I received my second blog award from a lovely YA author, Lea Nolan! Thanks, Lea! I want to take a big bite out of those irresistibly sweet strawberries!

Here are The Rules 
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Thanks again, Lea!
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself. I'm on it--check!
3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies. I'd like to pass this award on to: the ladies of Kiss and Tell YA, Lisa Sanchez, Laura Kaye, Kristin Miller and....honestly, I don't know many more bloggers lol.I hope that's okay! *ducks from people boo-ing and throwing tomatoes*

4. Contact those buddies and let them know.  Check.
Okay here we go. Seven random facts about me:

1) I absolutely CANNOT stand mustard. Any type of mustard. The smell alone disgusts me. I don't know why I hate it so much, but I just do and I have hated it ever since I was a small child. Just seeing a bottle of it makes me wrinkle my nose in disgust. Gross! When my soon-to-be-husband eats it, I won't kiss him afterward until he has brushed his teeth! Lol! When I see that bottle, my reaction is somewhat similar to the cat below.

2) I have a planner that I like to use for EVERYTHING. I write every little appointment or thing I do in there. Even if it is a task I have already completed, I go back and write it down. My family jokes that I even plan when  use the bathroom--not true! 
3)  I LOVE jewelry--big, flashy, sparkly, sometimes even gaudy jewelry. Even people who are only acquainted with me could/would probably tell you that I always have a ton of jewelry on. Maybe it comes from the fact that one of my jobs is being a professional bellydancer? And when I'm on stage I'm always wearing big jewelry? Who knows...
4) I'm getting married in 53 days!!! As of March 10th, 2012 I will be Mrs. Jonathan Ballenger. Super excited! And for our honeymoon, we're going to Hawaii! Then from Hawaii, we're hopping over to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo, then back home to Orlando. How cool is that?! We met in a creative writing class at my alma mater, Stetson University. He was a graduating senior when I was a freshman, so I thought he was pretty cool. When I attended his graduation party, right after we met (this was a few years ago) I was SO intimidated. I wanted him to think I was cool lol--plus, his dad was/is the dean of the university! Talk about wanting to make a good impression. That's us in the photo below. Isn't he handsome?
5) Speaking of travels, did you know I've traveled all over Japan? I've also traveled all over Ecuador and have visited Mexico. Tokyo? Nagasaki? Osaka? Quito? Cuenca? Been to them all! Now to add Bangkok and Hong Kong to that list!
6) Even though my last name is very German, I'm mostly Polish. I don't speak it fluently--only a few household phrases, though I'm learning more--but my favorite comfort food in the whole wide world is pierogi! For those of you who don't know, pierogi are Polish dumplings that are usually filled with potatoes or saurkraut--like a potato filled ravioli. I also love things that are super spicy. Love jalapenos (even though they're not that hot) and most things with habaneros in them.

7) Every week my close friends and I have a movie night. The actually night varies, since we all have different work schedules, but it always happens. Of course, I wouldn't be telling you this unless there was something more interesting to it. And there is! You see, we don't always watch 'normal' movies. Things that were currently released on DVD? No. Movies on at the box-office? No. Classic movies? No. We like to watch really crazy things by very "artsy" directors. Let's just say we refer to our movies as "mind-f***s." If we get to the end of the movie and don't say "what the heck just happened?" and cannot proceed to talk about it for an hour afterward theorizing the meaning, it wasn't a successful movie lol. Our latest was a film called Antichrist directed by Lars Von Trier. If you have a weak stomach for violence and sex in film (at times, simultaneously), and don't like to watch movies that are confusing and creepy, don't watch Antichrist.

Thanks for reading. Please visit my friends above and see what seven random things they've got to say.



  1. Aww, thanks so much for passing along the award! I'll put up the award on a post this week and let you know when it's up.

    Thanks!!! xo

  2. I didn't realize until now that the post failed to link your blog to your name. I will try to link it again.