Monday, October 1, 2012

Signing My Harlequin Contract!!!!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

Though I received my three-book deal from Harlequin back in May, I just finally received the official contract in August. For the sake of memories, I filmed me signing it and thought I would share it with all of you!

I was so super excited to sign that contract! And have been waiting impatiently for my advance ever since LOL! I may just have some other exciting news to share with you soon, who knows *wink wink*

And with that, I leave you a second excerpt from book one in the Execution Underground series, SHADOW HUNTER! This one is HOT, so if you're under 18, look away. You can check out the first excerpt here: E.U Excerpt #1

In the first excerpt we saw werewolf hunter and Execution Underground member, Jace McCannon, in the first pages of the novel, leading up to the discovery of the corpse of a young girl, who'd been slayed by a sadistic Rogue werewolf. In this excerpt, Jace has taken werewolf heroine and Rochester packmaster, Frankie Amato, captive after finding her in wolf form at the scene of the crime. He forces her to shift to human form and cuffs her ;-)


            Jace was screwed, so totally screwed. He slammed the door to his black H3 and rounded to the driver’s side of the car. Reaching for the handle, he silently cursed himself and wondered what the hell his problem was. Catch and kill. That had always been his philosophy with hunting. Never once had he kept one of those monsters alive. Until now.
            He climbed in the car and closed the door behind him. Glancing in the rearview mirror, he saw her wiggling in the backseat, naked breasts swaying as she fumbled against the cuffs. He shifted his weight and his erection pressed against his pants in an attempt to escape. As much as he wanted to succumb to her beauty and the electricity which flowed between them when they touched, he knew better. He’d already thought too much with his lower head tonight.
            She was right about the evidence. With no blood on her, no weapons, and a different scent, there was no question she hadn’t killed that girl. But either way, looking at her was a betrayal to his job, his fellow hunters. And damn it, he sure as hell wouldn’t change his conviction for a sweet lay. Werewolves were his enemies and they always had been. He slammed his fist onto the steering wheel. The whole situation was bullshit. She hadn’t done anything wrong, so he wasn’t sure he could bring himself to kill her, but shit, she was a goddamn wolf.
            He revved the engine and glanced in the mirror one more time. Her jaw clenched, pure frustration evident on her face as she continued to struggle with the handcuffs. Princess was seriously pissed off. Ripping his eyes from her gorgeous allure, Jace pulled away from the curb and slammed down the gas pedal. He floored it. Damn meeting started in fifteen minutes.

Copyright Kaitlyn Ballenger, Harlequin Enterprises Limited


  1. Congrats Kait!! How awesome! Did you read it???!?!?! LOL jk

    Really, so happy for you!

  2. Lol! Thanks, Loree! =) Yes, I did read it, even though I trust Nic to an extreme. ;-) The legal jargon in it actually wasn't too bad.

  3. The first of many! Congratulations!