Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey everyone! Easy, painless post to start out this week as it will be filled with an overwhelming number of events for me--not about writing, but hey, it's my blog so I'll be lazy if I want lol.

First off, I am dead tired! Not only did I work all weekend, but I had a three hour long photoshoot for my bellydance troupe. Now while you may be thinking, 'what's so hard about that?', let me tell you Florida is a VERY VERY hot state, definitely the most tropical weather, excluding Hawaii, which means major humidity. Even with the small amount of clothes bellydancers wear, we were sweating up a storm (those costumes aren't cotton and they don't breathe whatsoever). *Pictures will be posted as soon as I get them back*

While the photoshoot was fun, the heat and the challenge of three costume changes at the side of the road (we used our veils to cover up rather than as props lol) were taxing. Add on the fact that we now have a broken air conditioning unit at my house and you are sure to find a tired and overheated Kaiti.

Pile a healthy dose of returning for the fall semester and my worry over all the submissions I have out and that's practically a recipe for disaster. But the worst and most terrible of all these things.......

You guys failed on the 100 Follower Challenge! It ends tomorrow and there are only 34 of you. That's a whole 66 more followers to go within a 24 hour time limit. So unless you manage those 66, you FAILED! I know you can do better than that *wags finger*

But I suppose this blogger will be nice and I will extend the date. You now have until September 10th (my birthday!) to complete the challenge. If we still haven't reached 100 followers by then, there will be no giveaway. Come on guys! We're talking FREE and AUTHOR SIGNED books.

Til Wednesday! ;-)

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